My Typical Day

daily activities of me ..

every morning at 4.30 am, it’s time to me to get up. While waiting for 05.00 am, I help my mom clean the house and also arrange neatly snacks fried for sale. The next I take a wudhu and pray subuh. Usually I sleep again after that. At 6:00 am, I wake up again and take a bath and then prepare that I needed for my job. Before going to the office, I always watch television while I have breakfast and drink my tea. I always go to the office about 45 minutes by motorcycle is started from my home.

After I arrived the Office , I always check my emails before I get to work. And next i will check sales reports, some document and also preparation of petty cash for today.I am work at the computer make a sales invoice for courier and salesman. Once a month I make sales and financial reports to the boss. At 01:00 pm I have lunch, take a rest and pray zuhur with my friend in the office, next at 04:00 pm, I pray Ashar. Then I finish the job until 05:00 pm.

When my work is finished, usually before i going to college, i back go home to pray magrib and have a dinner together with my family. After that, I go to campus and study until at 08.30 pm, and then I go home. at 09.00 pm I immediately clean the body, pray Isya. Then I’ll study and do my homeworks and unforgettable I make coffee in order that I’m awake. Yeah, books, pens, and a cup of coffee are my best friends which always accompany me every night as sometimes I can’t sleep till 12.00 am or more. After that i go to sleep.

Those are my activities from getting up to getting back to sleep on the weekdays.

On weekend like a Saturday or Sunday, not much different from the previous days. Because Gunadarma University “everyday is working and learning” that doesn’t have a one-day to holiday. It’s just on the weekdays, time to work is replaced with time to study on campus with schedule lab on the weekend, started in the morning until afternoon. I always spend my half day at time in the college every weekend with learning and learning. And will continue to be like that of my daily activities for now.


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